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Port services stakeholder consultation
European Commission presentation letter

Presentation of the survey
The Directorate General for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission has asked PwC/NEA to investigate port services with a view to enhancing their efficiency and quality. The role of PwC/NEA is to facilitate the stakeholder consultation, which contents has been provided by the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission.

This questionnaire allows stakeholders to express their views on services provided in different European ports, and to put forward their suggestions about how the performance of these ports can be improved.

Click on the icon to open the full version of the cover letter of the European Commission appointing the Impact Assessment Study to PwC/NEA and describing the stakeholder consultation approach.

European Commission Introduction Letter

The deadline for the completion of the survey is Friday 24 August 2012.

The port sector involves a broad range of economic interests, different types of industries and models of governance. The on-line questionnaire aims to cover inasmuch as possible this complex reality. For ensuring that the results of the survey reflect adequately your views, it is important that you concentrate on the sections that are relevant for you.
The first – and crucial step – is selecting the "stakeholder" group to which you belong:

  • Port authorities and port managers: public entities or management bodies of the port, being both public and private;

  • Port service operators: terminal operators, marine service providers, stevedoring companies, warehouse operators, barge terminal operators, rail terminal operators, pilotage, towage, mooring operators, ice-breaking, dredging, bunkering, and environmental service providers, and other service providers;

  • Port workers and their organisations: including dockers and employees of other port service providers (e.g. pilotage, towage, mooring, warehousing, etc.).

  • Shipping companies and shipping agencies: tanker operators, ferry operators, cruise ship operators, container shipping companies, etc.

  • Barge operators (i.e. inland waterway transport operator);

  • Port customers and their agents (both inland and seaport): customers of the port that use the port, but do not operate (i.e. logistical operators, cargo owners, importers, exporters or traders, cargo clearance or Customs agents, freight forwarders, third party logistics providers, road haulage companies, rail service operators, travel or ticketing agents, cruise ship or tour operators);

Please select the category that best reflects your business, so that you can be redirected to the questions that specifically refer to your activity.

(If you think you can answer to more questionnaires, please fill in two or more different questionnaires)
Port authorities or port managers
Port operators or port service providers
Port workers and their organisations (active in the different fields of port activities: cargo-handling, port services, etc.)
Shipping companies or ship agents (activities at sea)
Barge operators (i.e. inland waterway transport operator)
Port customers or their agents (land side users - seaports)
Port customers or their agents (land side users - inland ports)
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